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Sega GT 2002 / JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future (Microsoft Xbox, 2002)

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This is a collection containing both Sega GT 2002 and Jet Set Radio Future games on one disc. It came bundled with the Xbox console and was never released for sale as a stand-alone title.

Sega GT 2002:

Race everything from street-legal 60hp $6,000 cars to 350hp $150,000+ race cars bought with prize money. Earn money by winning races in theme race mode or career mode. After finishing all career mode races in a set players will be challenged to a license test in a stock car, and completing it will unlock more career races as well as increase the rewards and competition in special races. Players have their own personal garage to display trophies and decorations. New parts can be purchased for cars, improving their performance, however over several races parts and tires will degrade and need to be repaired or replaced.

Outside of career mode players can also play the Chronicles mode, which challenges players to bring bring a single car from the 1970s through several races against cars of different eras. Winning races in a high position reward points that are used to buy upgrades between races, and completing every race, either for a single car for or an entire decade of races, will unlock additional cars in quick race mode.

Sega GT 2002 introduced plenty of innovative features, many of which were later adopted by future games of its kind.

Sega GT 2002 received "favorable" reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of 35 out of 40.

Jet Set Radio Future:

A follow up to the Dreamcast title Jet Grind Radio. The setting is Tokyo in the year 2024. Freedom is a valuable commodity and freedom of expression even more so. Gangs of misbehaving teens strap on rocket-powered roller blades and skate, grind, and mark their territory with graffiti tags.

Players take the role of the GGs, and can choose between any member of the gang, each with different stats, while in gang HQ. The city of Tokyo can be leisurely explored without a time limit, but the heat will be turned up when story missions are activated and the GGs find themselves being challenged by rival gangs or under attack from the cops. This time around spraying no longer requires thumbstick inputs; just roll up and start spraying away, although large tags still require more cans than smaller tags. Each section of the city has hidden objectives that are revealed by finding a hidden tape, and once completed these challenges will unlock new graffiti patterns.

In multiplayer modes players can challenge each other to races, point battles, and other competitions both in zones from the single player game as well as in special arenas.

Jet Set Radio Future received "favorable" reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic. In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of 32 out of 40. IGN called it "one of the coolest titles around" but said that it also fails to reach classic status because it was "not enough of a challenge." GameSpot described it as "one of the better Xbox games to date" and disagreed with IGN, claiming the game "offered a serious challenge." Despite positive reviews, this was not followed by high sales, landing it the title of the most unfairly ignored game in the OXM UK Awards the year of its release.
Product Information
Publisher Sega
Game Sega GT 2002, JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future
UPC 805529182103
Platform Microsoft Xbox
Genre Racing,
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players Sega GT 2002: 1 or 2
JSRF: 1 - 4
ESRB Rating Sega GT 2002: E - Everyone
JSRF: T - Teen
ESRB Descriptor JSRF: Violence, Strong Lyrics
Release Year 2002
Game Series Sega GT Series, Jet Set Radio Series
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