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SimCity (Nintendo SNES, 1991)

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The Super NES version of the classic city-management computer game features a choice of 1000 maps, a total of eight scenarios, a revamped tutorial system, new building types, and multiple game speeds. The action is otherwise identical to the computer game, with players donning the mayor's hat and selecting either a pre-existing city or one built from scratch. The historically inspired scenarios challenge players to rescue cities from such problems as crime, fires, earthquakes, traffic congestion, and pollution. Once the objective has been reached within the specified time frame, players can advance to a new scenario.

Designing a new city involves gradually adding infrastructure such as businesses, power lines, streets, and housing, with the ultimate goal being to reach "megalopolis" status by building the right mix of structures and amenities, all while creating revenue through taxes. The trick is to satisfy as much of the populace as possible, which in turn will encourage more people to take up residence within the city. Platform-specific features include the helpful "Dr. Wright," who notifies players of citywide concerns, and the addition of Bowser as the Godzilla-type monster with an appetite for destruction.
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game SimCity
UPC 045496830038
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Simulation
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick, Mouse
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1991
Game Special Features
  • Includes two bonus scenarios: Freeland and Las Vegas
  • Rescue Tokyo from the wrath of Bowser
  • Receive updates on city problems from Dr. Wright
  • Game Series SimCity Series
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