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Spy vs. Spy (Sega Master System, 1988)

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Heckel and Jackel -- two sadistic spies; one's black, the other white. Both have the same objective: destroy the opposing spy through any means necessary! Based on the MAD Magazine comic strip of the same name, Spy vs. Spy puts you in the role of either spy, on a mission to escape the embassy, top-secret documents in hand. However, as simple as this may sound, the actual process gets just a tiny bit trickier.

Aside from your relentlessly pursuing foe, you'll need to collect the documents, your keys, a briefcase, money and the plane tickets necessary to make a quick getaway, while also avoiding a series of fiendishly set traps -- including your own! You see, in an effort to protect yourself, you set traps for your opponent to stumble upon while looking for the aforementioned items, and no one's immune!

Each level of interconnected rooms feature several pieces of furniture and other areas, where the items you seek as well as traps can be hidden in. Moving or opening these objects can yield the plane ticket you needed to catch your plane, or a deadly trap giving your opponent the upper hand.

The standard form of spherical cartoon bombs can be planted, causing a person to go out in a flash, while time bombs will destroy anyone in their vicinity after a short time period. Tommy guns may be rigged to fire at anyone who dares trigger them, giant springs will cause a person's head to bounce around wildly, while buckets of water can be set upon doors, dousing anyone who enters and proving what we've always suspected -- spies are water-soluble! If the other spy just isn't falling for your traps or you encounter them in the same room, you can test out some of the Kung Fu training the spy agency gave you and take them down with a flurry of punches and kicks.

A map is included allowing you to find out the placement of items, but just don't spend too much time preoccupied, because not only are you under a time limit ranging from six to twenty-four minutes, but your foe may wander in at that moment taking you by surprise. Taking advantage of the split-screen included, a friend can also join in with two-player mode, allowing you to look at their agonized expression upon blundering into one of your traps.

Adjustable difficulty levels are included, allowing the smarter spies out there to get the challenge they desire, while the ability to select your starting round lets you play on a level you favor.

Spy vs. Spy was favorably reviewed in Video magazine which described it as "a rousing action-strategy contest" and praised the game's "excellent" graphics as "befit[ting] a game so rooted in a visual medium". The reviewer also noted that "no one has more successfully captured the original feel of the source nor offered a more satisfying result". Ahoy! agreed in its review, calling it a faithful adaptation of the comics and praising both the simultaneous two-player and one-player options.
Product Information
Publisher Sega of America, Inc.
Game Spy vs. Spy
UPC 010086040104
Platform Sega Master System
Genre Action/Adventure, Strategy
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1988
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