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Star Tropics (Nintendo NES, 1990)

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Star Tropics was a game released by Nintendo in 1990 for the NES. This game was released only in the United States and Europe despite being developed in Japan. One of the greatest features of StarTropics is the immersive story which contains some twists and turns along the way.

Star Tropics revolves around Mike Jones, a star pitcher from Seattle. He comes to C-Island to visit his uncle, an archaeologist named Dr. Steve Jones, after receiving a letter from him. Uniquely, this letter was actually packaged with the game and addressed to the player. Just as Mike carries the letter inside the game, so too must the player keep it for later use. During his visit, Mike discovers that his uncle has been abducted by aliens. Wielding an island yo-yo, Mike travels from isle to isle and fights his way through caves searching for clues to his uncle's capture.

Star Tropics is played from a 2D top-down perspective, similar to The Legend of Zelda (in the dungeon areas) and various RPGs on the NES (village/overworld areas). The game is divided into a series of chapters through which the story progresses. In each chapter, Mike initially walks around the island and the villages obtaining information before entering the dungeon levels. Mike acquires an assortment of weapons and items to help him defeat the various enemies and bosses he encounters throughout the game.
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game Star Tropics
UPC 045496630508
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Action/Adventure
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1990
Game Special Features
  • Exciting 8 chapter story
  • Fight sea monsters, mysterious attackers and other strange creatures
  • Attack enemies with your trusty island yo-yo, magic potions and other various new weapons skills
  • Explore and discover all the tropical islands seeking your kidnapped uncle
  • Solve intense puzzles
  • Internal battery for saving your progress on one of three save game slots
  • Game Series Star Tropics Series
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