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Super Conflict (Nintendo SNES, 1993)

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War may be hell in real life, but now you can simulate the horrors of military conflict from the safety and comfort of your own home with Super Conflict for the Super NES. You take control of your own land, air and sea military forces. Units include fighters, bombers, helicopters, tanks, anti-aircraft, anti-tank, infantry commandos, destroyers, submarines, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers. You must determine which units should battle and when.

In the one-player game, you wage war against the computer through 5 skill levels and 55 different scenarios. In the two-player head-to-head mode, which consists of 16 scenarios, player one commands Blue forces while player two commands Red forces. While two-player games cannot be saved, battery backup allows you to save one-player progress after shutting down your game system.

The overall goals in this game are to accumulate production points and destroy the opposing side's Flag Unit, which functions similarly to the King in chess. In levels 1-4, the Flag Unit is a tank. In level five, there is also a Flag Ship. The various scenario maps (game boards) are divided into hexagons, which have different colors and textures representing different types of terrain: plains, dessert, hills, woods, mountains, sea, bridge, city, airport and factory. Different types of terrain affect each player's defenses and mobility. Cities, airports and shipyards can be used to re-supply units and repair damages.

Super Conflict offers two basic types of play: Short and Long. Short focuses on strategic elements of play (the computer automatically decides outcome based on variables involved), while Long lets you take full control of units during up to four rounds of action for each battle.
Product Information
Publisher Vic Tokai, Inc.
Game Super Conflict
UPC 034912784734
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Strategy
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1993
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