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T2: The Arcade Game (Nintendo SNES, 1994)

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In 1997, 3 billion lives were lost to the war the machines began. The survivors called the nuclear holocaust Judgment Day. Those who remained faced disease, famine, and constant battles against the machines. After three decades of war, the Human Resistance's repeated attacks are finally weakening SKYNET, the supercomputer controlling the machines. In a last ditch effort to destroy humankind, SKYNET has sent two terminators back through time to eradicate the future leader of the Resistance, John Connor. The first terminator, a T-800, was dispatched to 1984 to prevent John's birth by killing his mother. It failed. The second, a T-1000 prototype, was programmed to kill John himself when he was 10 years old. To prevent John's death, the Human Resistance has captured and reprogrammed the T-800 to do their bidding. As the T-800, better known as The Terminator, it is your job to save mankind by stopping the T-1000 from killing John.

Designed for use with (although not limited to) the Super NES Super Scope, T2: The Arcade Game consists of maneuvering the sights of a gun around a scrolling wasteland of robots, tanker-trucks, cyborgs, war vehicles, endoskeletons, terminators, and other machines, shooting everything in sight. Your primary weapon through the seven levels of play (broken up into two missions) is a machine gun. Its ammunition supply is endless, but it does have a tendency to overheat. Additional weapons you can pick up include a rocket launcher, a 10-gauge shotgun, smart bombs, an M-79 grenade launcher, and a rotating-action six-barrel mini-gun.

GamePro commented that the graphics in the SNES version "closely match the arcade version." They also praised the digitized voices and fun gameplay, and concluded that the game is "probably the only good excuse you have for getting a Super Scope", though they also commented that the SNES Mouse is the best control option for the game. Electronic Gaming Monthly likewise rated the SNES version as a good conversion, though they complained that game was too difficult. They gave it a 6.8 out of 10.

Brett Alan Weiss of AllGame gave the SNES version three and a half stars and wrote, "The biggest drawback of T2: The Arcade Game is the controls. If you don't have a Super Scope (or at the very least a mouse), the game suffers quite a bit because you can't move the sight as fast or as precisely as you would like." Weiss called it "a faithfully recreated game," and wrote, "Though not quite as satisfying as the arcade version, it's about as good as you could expect from the 16-bit SNES."
Product Information
Publisher Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Game T2: The Arcade Game
UPC 023582087078
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Light Gun Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick, Super Scope, SNES Mouse
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1994
Game Series Super Mario Series
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