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Tomb Raider 2 (Sony PlayStation, 1997)

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Lara Croft is back in her biggest adventure yet! The Dagger of Xian is believed by Chinese religion to withhold unbelievable powers. Whoever wields the dagger and thrusts it into their heart will assume the powers of a legendary dragon. Players assume the role of Lara and must track down the dagger before it falls into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the wrong hands are after the artifact; two cultist groups lust for the dagger's power.

Developed by Core Designs and published by Eidos, Tomb Raider II Starring Lara Croft is the sequel to the smash-hit Tomb Raider. As Lara, players will trek through 18 massive levels throughout the world. The journey will have you visiting the Great Wall of China, the streets of Spain, various shipwrecks, oilrigs, and the icy climate of Tibet.

Like the original, each level is represented by a plethora of puzzle solving elements and exploration. Puzzles come in the form of pushing blocks into locked positions, throwing switches, and uncovering the path to the next level. You'll need to have a keen sense of observation as helpful items are littered throughout the level. These include health and ammunition pickups, keys, levers, and bonus relic items.

Lara will also make good use of her acrobatic and weaponry skills. Among her new skills is the ability to wade in shallow water and climb up walls via ladders and ropes. Levels are crammed with a barrage of new baddies including dangerous sharks, electrifying eels, bats, tigers, and trigger-happy humans. Fortunately, the adventurer is prepared for battle; she'll utilize her patented dual pistols, an Uzi, an underwater harpoon rifle, shotguns, and an M-16 assault rifle.

Tomb Raider II Starring Lara Croft also features an all-new lighting effects engine complete with flickering flames and flares. Depending on the location, Lara will change into different outfits including a bomber jacket and a wetsuit.

The game sold over 8 million copies worldwide as of 2003, making it one of the best-selling games released up to that point and the second best selling of the franchise. The game is also the second overall best selling PlayStation title in the UK.

Tomb Raider II received highly positive reviews from most critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average rating out of 100, the game received an average score of 85 for the PlayStation version, based on 13 reviews, which indicates "favorable reviews". As one of the most hotly anticipated games of 1997, Tomb Raider II was an immediate commercial success, quickly surpassing the sales of Tomb Raider. As the first game, the game was critically successful, though not as much as its predecessor.
Product Information
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Game Tomb Raider II Starring Lara Croft
UPC 788687303637
Platform Sony PlayStation
Genre Action/Adventure, 3D Platformer, Third Person Shooter, Puzzle
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating T - Teen
ESRB Descriptor Animated Blood, Animated Violence
Release Year 1997
Game Special Features
  • Lara's second adventure takes you to all-new exotic locations
  • Arm Lara to the teeth with pistols, harpoon guns, M16s, Uzis, and more
  • New acrobatic moves include backflips, somersaults, and swinging
  • Game Series Tomb Raider Series
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