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Tomb Raider (Sony PlayStation, 1996)

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In Tomb Raider, you assume the role of a beautiful archaeologist, Lara Croft. She is a thrill seeker and is willing to do almost anything that puts her life in danger - she enjoys it. Naturally, Lara jumped all over the opportunity to recover the powerful Scion, an ancient relic scattered throughout the caverns and temples of the world. Played from a third-person 3D perspective, her adventure spans over 15 levels set in four distinct worlds and environments. As Lara, you'll have to solve ancient riddles in the Egyptian Pyramids, discover the Lost City of Atlantis and traverse through Ancient Rome all while looking for the artifact. Each level is laced with traps and hazards that require you to flip, swim, and climb your way to safety and success. Along the way, you'll engage in battle with countless enemies including wolves, bears, and the occasional "extinct" dinosaur. Fortunately, you have a slew of weapons at your disposal. Lara's default weapon is dual pistols and as you progress further into the game, you'll come across shotguns, magnums, and an Uzi. When the ammunition is running low, you'll have to make good use of her various maneuvers to avoid enemy contact. Look out Indiana Jones - Lara's in town.

The game received critical acclaim, with some critics declaring it as one of the greatest video games ever made. The game was commercially successful, selling over 7 million copies worldwide. The game is considered widely influential, serving as a template for many 3D action-adventure games that would follow.

Some critics rated the PlayStation version as better than the Saturn version. MacDonald said that its graphics were sharper, and Bro' Buzz of GamePro scored it a half point higher than the Saturn version in every category (control, sound, graphics, and FunFactor), remarking, "After a solid showing for the Saturn, Tomb Raider scores even higher."
Product Information
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Game Eidos Interactive
UPC 788687301633
Platform Sony PlayStation
Genre Action/Adventure, 3D Platformer, Third Person Shooter, Puzzle
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating T - Teen
ESRB Descriptor Animated Blood, Animated Violence
Release Year 1996
Game Special Features
  • 15 different levels in four huge worlds
  • Variety of moves
  • Weapons, items, enemies, traps, and challenging puzzles
  • 3D rendered graphics
  • Lara Croft's first adventure takes her through four worlds in search of the Scion
  • Solve puzzles and fend off ferocious animals while exploring ancient ruins
  • In combat Lara can use pistols, magnums, uzis and a shotgun
  • Game Series Tomb Raider Series
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