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Vortex (Nintendo SNES, 1994)

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In Vortex you control an incredibly powerful morphing battle system and your mission is to retrieve segments of the A.I. Core spread throughout the Aki-Do System. You are then to take these Core segments to their resting place to be reassembled, therefore assuring victory over the evil Aki-Do race. Prior to entering the Aki-Do System, you should first complete a weapons test, a navigation test and a seek-and-destroy test. After you complete these preliminary simulation battles, you will be sent to the Aki-Do System by way of the Vortex.

The morphing battle system is an impressive force. Not only is it equipped with a radar, a shield, a target cursor and a compass, it's loaded to the teeth with guided missiles, rockets, a cannon, a laser and other weapons. With the mere push of a button, this massive machine can transform into a walker, a land burner, a sonic jet or a hard shell. You'll spend most of your time in this game walking or flying while blasting mechanical crabs, kamikaze alien pilots, enormous bosses and other enemies. Obstacles include slamming doors, claw traps, closing arches and missile turrets.

Even though you control the mighty morphing battle system, you will need some help along the way. One defense reconnaissance droid can be found on each planet. Until they run out of energy or get destroyed, these droids attack anything that gets near you. Your Mother Ship, another ally, transports you between missions, offers you advice and monitors your progress.

Titled Citadel during development, it is one of a few titles designed to use the enhanced graphics of the Super FX powered GSU-1.

GameFan's three reviewers scored it 79%, 72%, and 70%.
Product Information
Publisher Electro Brain Corp.
Game Vortex
UPC 099451614935
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre 3D Platformer, Third/First Person Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1994
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