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Without Warning (Microsoft Xbox, 2005)

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Without Warning is a technological thriller set in the campus of a large chemical factory, which has been seized by a fanatical organization. Commanding a selection of six diverse heroes, players must infiltrate the Peterson-Davis Chemicals compound, assist any civilian employees they encounter, and ultimately, neutralize the eco-terrorist threat. In addition to combat and stealth objectives, challenges include exploration, puzzle-solving, hostage protection, and a number of plot-related mini-games.

The six key characters include three military operatives: a veteran squad leader, an unproven rookie, and a bomb disposal specialist. The three civilian heroes are a frightened Peterson-Davis secretary, a security guard who escaped the terrorists' initial raid, and a TV news cameraman whose helicopter is shot down while covering the complex.

Not unlike the contemporarily popular television series, 24, Without Warning involves different characters taking actions and influencing the plot at the same virtual time. The game's "Timeline" features allow players to take the roles of each of the six main heroes in turn, ensuring that each agent completes his part of the job before time runs out for everyone. As one operative reaches a critical, suspenseful point in his part of the plotline, the focus may switch to another character, so gamers can experience each part of the developing story first-hand.
Product Information
Publisher Capcom
Game Without Warning
UPC 013388290185
Platform Microsoft Xbox
Genre Third Person Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating M - Mature 17+
ESRB Descriptor Blood, Language, Violence
Release Year 2005
Game Special Features
  • Third-person shooter takes place in a terrorist-seized chemical plant
  • Play as six different characters throughout a 12-hour siege
  • Game automatically switches perspectives as time goes on
  • Play as a three-man covert ops team, a secretary, a cameraman, and a security guard
  • Explore indoor and outdoor areas within the sprawling plant
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