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World Class Track Meet (Nintendo NES, 1987)

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Stadium Events allows players to compete in four different Olympic inspired sporting events, using the mat to move as they compete in running and jumping focused gameplay.

The North American version was rebranded by Nintendo shortly after its 1987 release. The game was re-released as World Class Track Meet and the new mat was titled the Power Pad. Original North American copies of Stadium Events are now considered to be among the rarest NES games, leading to high prices in the secondary video game collecting market.

World Class Track Meet is a fitness game that allows the players to compete in four different sporting events: 100M dash, 110M hurdles, long jump, and triple jump. The game utilizes the NES Power Pad control mat which supports up to two players simultaneously, although up to six alternating players can be registered for each event. The left side of the mat must be used for the dash and hurdle events, while the other events can use either side. The top speed of the player's runner is dependent upon which row of buttons on the mat is used. If the player lifts their feet slightly before the starting signal, it is considered a false start.

The 100M dash pits two players against each other in a race. The 110M hurdles is similar to the dash, but the players must jump when white box markers appear along the edge of the screen. The long jump has the players running and then jumping and staying in the air as long as possible to record a longer distance. The triple jump is similar to the long jump but includes three separate jump markers. In tournament mode, the player must compete against computer players at the 100M dash and 110M hurdle events. The player must beat each of the six computer players at both the dash and hurdle events in order to win. In this mode, three false starts results in a disqualification. In another mode, "The Olympics", numerous players can compete in all four events consecutively. In this mode, the Guinness 1982 world track record is used as a reference for scoring standards.
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game World Class Track Meet
UPC 786309012684
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Olympic Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick, NES Power Pad
Number of Players 1 - 6
Release Year 1987
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